About Us

The Dead Rabbit Society is focused on flying well run, innovative small gangs. We enjoy creating fresh, unique fits and tactics and flying a wide variety of all races, ships and types. As we grow the corporation, we want to make a name for ourselves doing things differently. For example, one our longer term goals is to take out entire gangs consisting of Caldari ships. This creates very tactically interesting opportunities.


The art of innovation

In the sandbox of New Eden, there is massive scope for innovation and our corporation is entirely focused on doing so. Quite simply, we are not content with just following and copying what everyone else does.

We believe in co–ordinated, well thought out fits and ideas, integrating teamwork built around individual pilots skills, and then placing ourselves into difficult fights and situations. Indeed — our idea of nirvana is fighting outnumbered, outgunned. Holding the field, when normal fleets would melt. And we try to do this at all sorts of different scales, in all sorts of different ships, from frigates to battleships.

One of our long term goals: Caldari Fleets

As the corporation grows, one of our goals is to fly entire fleets of Caldari ships. And we mean - just Caldari ships! This self-imposed limitation seems counter-intuitive at first. But by presenting an enemy FC with a single race of ships, it actually creates interesting new tactical possibilities. To quote Sun Tzu - “All war is deception.” and in confronting our opponents with uniformity, we have plenty of ways to hide our true ships purposes while playing upon their expectations. We like this sort of thinking, the challenges it creates and opportunities for more interesting PvP.

Our long term goals

We think that small gang and small fleet PvP is the most fun you can have in a spaceship; Our goal is to continually seek out great fights and gain a solid reputation for what we do. We also want to be a corporation that our pilots love and feel proud to be a part of. Our focus will always be about finding good fights, avoiding the politics and blobs of nullsec.

Keeping things simple

We aim to keep life as simple and fun as possible for our pilots and as such we will never take or seek sovereignty or stray too far from trade hubs or affordable hauling services. We also won’t change homes every other week as we are pretty sure that hauling isn’t a ton of fun. We live in the northern regions around Syndicate and Placid and fight in the 0.0 and lowsec areas around these regions.

We fly everything

While one of our goals is working towards Caldari fleets, the reality is we actually fly a wide variety of ships, both armor and shield based. Within our alliance you should expect to be flying armor battleships one day, and the next day flying Nano Talwar’s in a small gang. We like variety and our goal here will always be on innovation and new ideas. We accept applications from pilots who want to cross train.